Your Rights: Important information for foreign women in Iceland

Information pamphlet

The Centre for Gender Equality has published a pamphlet intended for foreign women in Iceland dealing with equality, rights and duties in Iceland. It addresses the issues of residence permit, marriage and divorce, custody issues, financial issues and threats in intimate relationships.

This pamphlet contains useful information especially for women who have been deceived by their husband who takes control over them and/or abuses them. It also gives phone numbers, addresses and websites of organisations and institutions which can provide guidance and assistance.

This document emphasises the fact that men and women are equal. It explains, in particular, that violence and threats against women are punishable by law and that husband and wife both make decisions regarding family affairs. Moreover, it provides indications about social benefit, contraception and pregnancy, and child custody.

It also addresses several practical issues foreign women can face, such as the problem of women being forced into prostitution, or to hand all their wages to their husband.

The pamphlet is available here in English, Polish, Spanish, Thai, Russian and Arabic:

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