Other Books and Publications

Human Rights in Development Yearbook, Nordic Human Rights Publications, Oslo

The ICEHR is involved with the publication of Human Rights in Development Yearbook where the newest trends in human rights issues in developing countries are described. In addition to the ICEHR, the Christian Michelsen Institute in Bergin, the Danish Centre for Human Rights, Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Human Rights in Vienna, Netherlands Institute of Human Rights, Norwegian Centre for Human Rights and Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law all take part in the publication of this book.

5000 kr.


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights - A Common Standard of Achievement - Alfredsson, Gudmundur ; Eide, Asbj°rn (eds.), Hag, 1999.

Celebrating the 50th the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, all the Nordic Human Rights Centres jointly published the The Universal Declaration of Human Rights - A Common Standard of Achievement with articles which cover each article of the Declaration. Editors are are Gu­mundur Alfre­sson and Asbj÷rn Eide who both write articles in the book. Other Icelandic authors are ┴g˙st ١r ┴rnason, Gunnar G. Schram., Jakob Th. M÷ller, Pßll ١rhallsson and Ragnar A­alsteinsson.

6000 kr.


Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: A Textbook, Second Revised Edition.

Edited by Asbj°rn Eide, Catarina Krause, and Allan Rosas. Kluwer Law International, Hag, 2001.

7000 kr.


Nordic Journal of Human Rights

The ICEHR is involved in the publication of the Nordic Journal of Human Rights (Mennesker og rettigheter) which is the only specialized magazine about human rights in the Nordic countries. You can subsribe to the journal or buy it at the Universitetsforlaget in Oslo.

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