Mannréttindi í þrengingum (Human Rights in Recession)

Mannréttindi í þrengingum (Human Rights in Recession)
Human Rights in Recession

The International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights was ratified by the Icelandic government on the 22nd of August in 1979.The Covenant is binding for the state of Iceland and provides immediate obligations on it, partly to ensure every citizen an education, healthcare and social security. The deep economic regression that resulted from the collapse of the banks in the fall of 2008 has caused an increased unemployment rate and debt with higher price of goods which makes it harder for people to ensure its right to employment, decent livelihood and social security. At the same time the economic recession has caused adjustments and cut-backs in the education, - health care – and welfare system. The purpose of this book is to enlighten both the government and the public about economic, social and cultural rights and the necessity that they are respected when times are good but also when hardships occur. The book outlines ways to ensure these important human rights during recession. Rights concerning employment are discussed specifically, the right to a social security and the right to education.

The book is available at our office and also as a Pdf file, found here.

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