Viltu Business?

Viltu Business?
Viltu business

Viltu Business? Entrepreneurship in Iceland
November 1st at 14:00 to 17:00
Bíó Paradís, Hverfisgata 54, 101 Reykjavik

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"Viltu Business?" is a free event in English presenting entrepreneurship opportunities in Iceland. The event will offer basic tools and information on how to start any business activity: access to information about the legal form of companies and tax issues, overview of funds, grants and support programs as well as a space for networking with like-minded people. Among the companies taking part in the event are Innovation Center Iceland, Directorate of Labor, Rannís, Karolina Fund, Startup Iceland and Social Enterprise Iceland.

The event's name "Viltu Business?" is a play on words with some common Icelandic phrases that appear in everyday life and the most understandable question for all international people of Iceland: Viltu poka? Viltu kaffi? Viltu kvittun? What if it was as easy to get information on how to start a business?

The event is organized by thanks to a grant from The Ministry of Welfare in Iceland

We hope that we will see you at the event. If you have any questions or comments please contact us at: or by phone: Ewa (6151222) and Bryndís (692-5300).

Best regards,

Ewa & Bryndís
Team Viltu Business

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