The Human Rights Online Information Centre

The Icelandic Human Rights Centre is currently constructing an online information centre on human rights law and related matters. This website is intended to provide easily accessible, extensive information on human rights law and pertinent issues for those who are interested in learning more.

This online information centre will cover, amongst other:

- answers to FAQ on human rights;

- information for individuals who seek justice for human rights violations;

- articles and academic writing about human rights;

- an overview of various human rights that belong to a certain group of individuals, such  as women, disabled persons, foreigners and children;

- Icelandic law that is relevant to human rights;

- international human rights law, conventions and treaties;

- reports and related documents from various UN human rights monitoring committees;

- reports and related documents from the Council of Europe;

- reports and related documents from the European Union; and

- selective case-law of regional and international human rights courts.

(Please note that this information centre is currently under construction).

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